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Usually, A 100% Confidential & Closed Door Event, The Elite Entrepreneurs’ Organization Prospective Member Meeting Is Virtually Opening To Non-Members For One-Time-Only: 

Experience The Proven Peer-Guided Framework For Making Better Decisions, Spiking Profits & Achieving That Elusive Work-Life Balance 

(Even At The Peak Of Your Success!) 
**Registration & Pre-Qualification Required**
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Do You Want To Take Your Business (And Yourself) To The Next Level And Beyond? 


Entrepreneurs’ Organization is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to ensure massive gains in your business, wealth, and personal happiness.


Members of EO have been building a global network to serve the unique needs of the complete entrepreneur.


This is your once in a lifetime chance to virtually sit-in on the Prospective Member Meeting at your local EO chapter.

Normally, the Prospective Member Meeting is 100% closed-door, confidential, and exclusive invite-only. 


But, the local chapter members of the US East region have agreed to add a few more chairs to their virtual roundtable - but for one session only! 


By attending the virtual Prospective Member Meeting, you’ll experience a 14,000+ strong success-hungry community of entrepreneurs who understand your ambitions and inhibitions like no one else can. 


Whether you’re a rising star, or veteran CEO looking to escape the 7-figure plateau, this is your opportunity to harness the brainpower, perspective, and experiences of a virtual room full of elite entrepreneurs at the top of their game. 


Over 2-hours, you will: 

  • Get a taste of the EO signature program that top leaders swear is essential to making better decisions, becoming a better leader, and balancing success with happiness.

  • Step into a performance-driven community of peers dedicated to helping one another drive growth, advance wealth, and enjoy a successful yet well-rounded lifestyle.

  • Swap strategies with 10 elite executives from non-competing organizations in your area to realize the best opportunities in front of you, and how to overcome your work-life challenges.

  • And much more! 

Event Registration


Interest Is High & Numbers Are Restricted At The Prospective Member Meeting Round Table 

Apply Now To Avoid Disappointment


This extremely rare, high-value opportunity has unsurprisingly captured a lot of interest from ambitious, smart-minded, and success-seeking business minds in your local area. 


In fact, we can only admit 5 more applicants at this time.


If you want to have a 2-hour consultation with 10 of the most accomplished, experienced, and talented business coaches where game-changing insights come as standard, you need to apply now. 


When top-performers put their shoulders to the wheel for you, you’ll get fast, predictable, and massive gains in business and personal goals – without the stress and wasted time of going it alone! 


See for yourself, by clicking the button below and applying for your place at The Prospective Member Meeting: 


Experience The EO Movement - Since 1987 The Premier Peer-To-Peer Entrepreneur Organization

  • Nearly 1 in 4 of the top-ranked companies in the Inc. 5000 are helmed by members of Entrepreneurs’ Organization. 

  • SXSW and the Harvard Business Review regularly feature EO as the peer-to-peer advisory group among the world’s elite leaders.

  • 2,375 performance-driven executives joined EO last year.

  • A comprehensive, battle-proven framework that 14,000+ leading executives use daily to stimulate growth, become a better decision-maker, and balance businesses with happiness.

  • The EO strategic process is what the CEO of the #2 company on the 2019 Inc. 5000 (and a 7-year EO member) calls ...“The roadmap that keeps me tuned and ready for what’s on the horizon.”


What The EO Effect Looks Like: 

Jonas is the co-creator of Skype and was appointed as the Managing Director of the company between 2003-2007. In 2006 eBay acquired Skype for $2.6 billion. Since the outbreak of COVID, we are seeing many technologies disrupting the market and preparing their companies for the new reality. Skype did that back in 2003 with groundbreaking technology.


Jonas Kjellberg

Co-Creator of Skype

Rolf established the world-renowned travel site Trivago, today serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Member of Management Board. He is also the Founder of Monkfish Equity GmbH, which finds its purpose in investing entrepreneurial teams with great ideas. Rolf joined EO in 2009, and in 2012 Expedia announced that it would acquire a stake in Trivago for $632 million. Rolf will be moderating our event and Q and A session.


Rolf Schrömgens

Trivago, Chief Executive Officer

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